Plantation and Forest Valuation

  • Plantation and Forest Valuation

Plantation and Forest Appraisal in Thailand or Tree valuation, to be used as collateral for loans which can be considered all these main factors below:

  • List of trees that have been listed according to the ministerial regulation or outside the list.
  • Age of trees and stalk size
  • Species of trees, products with a different market structure such as ornamental wood or wood for industrial use
  • Amount of density in the area

The valuation method that valuers will utilize depends on the information received; for example, if you have the information on the market that can be used to make a comparison between the price of vacant land and land with forest plantations. By doing this, you should be able to find the value of trees, or in some cases, that the trees can cut and sell. You can also compare the market purchasing price at the factory.

Estimating the flow of income of rubber trees that can tap today, and then deduct with the sales at the expiration year, which can be discounted to the present value. The required documents in plantation and forest valuation are a list of trees that have been done or new as this will impact the certification of the number of trees that must agree. Apart from this, another required paper is a land document of right where those trees are located and planted.

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