Roadmap to Realtor & Valuer

Valuers and real estate agents. We honor being part of the real estate industry as a career path to a career in the vast real estate industry. This can be applied to the real estate sector, money market, and capital market sectors, including both the private sector and the government involved. If Prospec’s real estate production course meets your needs, we would like to welcome you to be part of it.


Roadmap to a Realtor (Property Agent)

Realtor or Property Agent career, another step of the stars for real estate. Real estate knowledge is equivalent to the valuer but is outstanding in marketing and sales. The lessons learned in the beginning are similar. General knowledge can be shared among these two professions, such as the principles of checking the correctness of the property and property appraisal skills that if the realtors equip this valuer’s skill, it will perfect their career. Try our realtor course.

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Roadmap to be a Valuer

Property valuer, a prestigious career to move forward to the real estate career. Our career initiation package with a practical timeframe that is appropriate and the experience you will gain is worthwhile. At Prospec, we provide a set of professional practice standards according to the valuer association to ensure you are ready to enter the key valuer classification exam with confidence. Let’s take a look at our valuer career entry course.

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