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Corporate Service

Organizations require property appraisals in their business lines to manage risks. Effective appraisal must be convenient, quick, with high accuracy at the level of the cost that can be accepted by both: customers paying for their appraisal and the burden of the customers paying must be at a competitive level in the market Prospec Appraisal is here to meet all these needs required by corporations.  

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After Sale Service

Customers who use the appraisal service and have received the valuation report can request the service to get details of your property and the appraised value by subscribing to the service here.

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Review & Update Service

Services for specific groups of corporations which lend to members within the organization such as cooperatives, finance, leasing. We may collectively refer to as Non-Bank. These organizations receive collateral as real estate; land and building. These properties come together with risks for the organizations as follow: As organizations refer to the government’s land appraisal value, it should be noted that values reported by the government do not necessarily be accurate. Values are not specifically indicated for each  individual plot and are not appraised according to current conditions. Hence, values can be higher or lower than the real market value. The government’s land appraisal values do not indicate any existence of buildings or construction on the land. In reality, the presence of buildings usually affects the value of the land. The land received as collateral may be blind land without proper entrance and exit difficult to access. In reality, land may be subject to other physical obligations such as servitude, tenure, dwelling, use, invasion, lease, and many other clauses that would cause land values to vary away from the reported government’s appraisal values. The foregoing is considered some of the corporate risks of a Non Bank organizations are exposed to when acquiring credit collateral from government appraisal values. Prospec Appraisal, therefore, proposes a service design to mitigate these risks mitigation for these organizations. Market review service for land only. With the strength of our big-data, we are able to provide our opinion based on the principles of the market value for comparison with the official values according to the government.  Market review service for land with buildings. With sufficient building information, especially collateral property in residential projects, the review can be done with a high level of confidence. Physical inspection service of collateral property based on data from the professional appraisers using aerial photographs to observe the collateral condition to look for any impairment which could affect the value such as potholes, land encroachment, expropriation, etc. Service to determine the land’s entrance and exit, in order to make sure that the land does not fall under the category of ‘blind’ land. Providing an opinion on the accuracy of the appraisal report made internal or other external appraisers. We have certified senior appraisers to verify those reports. Service for specific information such as market information or legal information related to the subject property. And this is an example of a multi-channel professional service that gives corporate executives the option of providing low-cost services. Practitioners do not put themselves at too much risk. Instead, it gives the most significant benefit to Non-Bank organizations. Therefore, it is another option to be presented to the management.

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Corporate Valuation Building Team Service

Property valuation has reached a crossroad, the beginning of the “New Normal” era. When corporations wish to find out the present value of their entities as quickly as possible, we offer a range of services that meet their needs. By analyzing the preliminary valuation of the property precisely, speedy transaction decisions can be made at a reasonable cost. This service is also suitable for local government agencies responsible for property tax management, such as the municipalities and sub-district municipality offices, or small private organizations issuing loans such as financial cooperatives. Prospec’s service for corporate valuation building team service including: Market data – Availability of database that has been accumulated through our years of operation, in other words, “Big Data”. This data is extracted, adjusted and analyzed in accordance to the appraisal standard to ensure quality and confidentiality of our clients. Legal information – Providing legal information regarding valuation such as expropriation (eminent domain) for future development projects, etc. Algorithm – Statistical Price Model Analysis Tool, which can be viewed in two aspects. The historical data of at least 10 years, using time series, compared to current price data, using models such as WQS or Grid Adjustment, which organizations can choose to use according to their needs. Building valuer – In order for a corporation to conduct valuation, a professional appraiser is required. Using unqualified personnel in valuation work can cause damage to the organization afterwards. Therefore, Prospec offers appraisal classes on the Eduprop platform. These classes are equipped with useful tutorials for organizations’ staff to learn. This also helps organizations’ staff prepare for  exams in order to earn value certification which is highly recommended.  Up-to-date database – Updated data is necessary to keep it up with the modern valuation. Prospec is ready to provide up to date online data, both realtime and periodically, as well as conducting on field surveys in focus areas. Training – We have a team ready to organize training on appropriate use of databases in valuation. If you are interested in using Corporate Service, please contact us.

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