Training & CPD

From experience in the property valuation profession, the valuer production unit is distributed among many property valuation organizations. Now, the readiness to share knowledge with real estate people to apply them in their own real estate business is an open way for both individuals and real estate organizations that want to manage knowledge for employees sustainably on the modern Eduprop Knowledge Management Platform.


Eduprop Knowledge Platform

A new dimension of education about property appraisal in a convenient digital world that does not consume so much time. Users are able to study repeatedly for a clear understanding without having to be considerate of anyone since it is a private review, no need to waste time having to travel to study in the classroom, open for anyone in any part of the country. The topic of property appraisals is packed full. (Click to view appraisal course)

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Building Valuers for Organisation

When an organization expects to create its own valuation agency, it is imperative to build a qualified valuation staff that meets professional performance standards from the start of the probationary period until the end of the trial period. There is a topic of studying in the practical field, like getting an internship with a real mentor in order to ask questions closely. We recommend using the shortcut to create a corporate bundle valuer via the modern Eduprop Knowledge Management Platform (click here to let us contact you back).

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CPD for Organisation

Knowledge Management for Real Estate Organizations and lending organizations such as Non-Bank, especially businesses with a large number of branches. Franchise businesses want to open and expand branches quickly, but at the same time, they must also focus on maintaining quality. “Employees have the same knowledge throughout the organization, no matter which position they are.” A Basic Course (General Principle Course) and Core Business Course are required to be at the forefront of service providers and support staff. Results are measured in cumulative hours CPD with a hopeful comprehension test. It is recommended to use the knowledge management shortcuts, the corporate bundle, via the modern Eduprop Knowledge Management Platform (click here to let us contact you back).

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