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Houses or real estate are not something you buy everyday. A house is a large, complex commodity. Hence, it always takes a big decision to buy one. It takes a long time to collect all the necessary information to ensure that the right decision is made.

We assist the Buyer’s side service when purchasing a home and real estate. Acknowledging the needs of customers and the limited time with little information to make decisions, we help our customer to identify the perfect home for them. This applies for customers who already identified the property but yet to find comparable data which can be helpful when negotiating for options and concessions as well as those who have their need but yet to come up with the shortlist of options.

You just point to the target and we will do the following:

  1. Location at the identified home or the property (house)
  2. Details of the customer’s needs for utilization

Service that customers will receive:

  1. Information for sale and comparison of properties with same type and location
  2. Compare the list of the best promotional giveaways
  3. Compare the net price of land and buildings that are real estate
  4. Score each property according to the weight of the importance factor of the buyer
  5. Compare the price per unit of points, it will let you know the highest and lowest price

The outcome would be the final report with all the necessary information that would help customers in deciding to buy a house or as a tool for negotiating with the target property to be purchased.

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