Appraisal for Property Dismantle Purpose


Assets that have been installed in the production line or service from the beginning until the present may be outdated or performance degraded, which is not enough to produce or provide services to meet the changes in market demand or customer trends. It is necessary to improve the production line or machines and equipment to serve customers, including demolishing the buildings and rebuilding them to be modern. On this occasion, the appraisal of the property for selling separately is necessary to come to the customer service to determine the value of the property after demolition or to sell it separately in the antique market, which there is still a lot of demand for the service to be performed when the properties are still remain in the original location to determine the number of properties that can be sold out in the form of a group of ready to use asset (Used Machine Value), dissembled assets for reassembly (Value in Exchange), scrap property (Scrap Value) in order to set the price appropriately according to the market demand. This includes setting the price for accounting when disposing and distributing among the group of subsidiaries.

For example, there is a need to move the plant and machines production base from the parent company in one country to a subsidiary in another country. Another example is the service of a fitness center that wants to sell and discard the old set of exercise equipment that is outdated, not in the popularity of customers to be replaced with the new equipment, etc.

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