Franchise business during ‘New Normal’ era

Franchise business

The 20 century is truly underway. The new generation brings about new ideas which tend to change over time as well as the concepts of career goals.

In the modern age, people have a desire to be their own boss, in contrast to the old days when everyone wanted to work in a stable company as a way to build their way of living.

Fresh graduates and young professionals are now dreaming of becoming a business owner as soon as they step out of colleges. Needless to say, building a business is not an easy task, especially during this time when the competition is as fierce as ever.

Therefore, franchising has become something that everyone turns to for an answer, something like a shortcut to owning a business, for a number of reasons, such as having the heavy work cut short or minimizing the risk of starting a new business from scratch, just to name a few. Taking the food & beverages business as an example, we have witnessed various new franchise brands from both domestically and international.

With the Covid situation still lingering around making life tougher than it already has. Making a living becomes more and more challenging, no matter what industry you are in, including franchising business. We should therefore study how to adjust the franchise strategy for the survival of the business during this “New Normal” era. Whether you are in a position of franchisor or franchisee, or even someone who is planning to take on this journey in the future. Seeking funds is essential for the growth of businesses. One that turns start-up business into a unicorn.

As an appraisal company, we offer all types of business appraisal services, whether they are a startup (stand alone) or a franchise (chain) business. In addition to this, we also provide valuation of brands. The nature of this kind of appraisal is appropriate for those who own a business and are studying the feasibility of a franchise deal. It is also ideal to business owners eagering to learn about their business value or those looking at the possibility of turning business into franchise.

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