Legal Right Registration Service

Agent service to buyers and sellers or the mortgagor and the mortgagee to proceed with the registration of juristic rights at the Land Office or other government agencies such as the Department of Land and Department of Transportation regarding vehicles, Department of Industrial Works about equipment Marine Department concerning vehicles, boats, etc.

By the type of juristic act that will have a number of services, often it will be Mortgage and Trading at the financial institution level and non-bank credit lenders, as well as private companies such as real estate development companies that will register, purchase, sell and transfer ownership to the buyer.

The scope of services relating to legal registration can generally be divided into 2 parts as follows:

The first part is acting as an attorney on the behalf of the employer by bringing the documents to be registered at the Land Office only. Documents are prepared by the employer.

The second part is the preparation of documents according to the government registration form such as Power of attorney, sales contract, mortgage contract, etc., presented to the employer as a signature only.

Other scope of works still have some details that need to be agreed further. For example, handling the transfer fee which is to be paid at the government agency.

Special for customers who have already used Prospec Appraisal services from the first step of the credit process because we have information about collateral assets, sufficient to make a documentary set of juristic acts at the Land Office.

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