Right Over Leasehold Valuation

Right over leasehold assets according to the RIGHTS OVER LEASEHOLD ASSET ACT B.E. 2562 are assets or properties based on the use in real estate business. The real estate owners are able to establish rights over leasehold assets. At the same time, the right-holder can utilize the benefit in real estate. Therefore, the establishment of the right over leasehold asset seems to be more firm and secure compared to those with general leasehold right under the lease agreement, which benefit both parties between the property owner and renter, gaining more confidence from the 3rd party such as financial institutions, creditors or lenders in the collateral than the leasehold rights. In this case, when we consider the difference between right over leasehold assets and leasehold rights under the current law, it can be seen that right over leasehold assets is another that can benefit both, real estate owner who wants to release their property for other to use with no intention to sell it, as well as for those who wishes to utilize benefits in real estate for more flexibility and clarity in various transactions in their business. Therefore, right over leasehold assets registration has become more popular in these modern days for example, empty landed condominiums, land with buildings and improvements can register right over leasehold assets for a period of 30 years.

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