EP3. Let’s find out more about Hotel and Hospitality Marketing Terminology

EP3. Let’s find out more about Hotel and Hospitality Marketing Terminology

Continuing from EP2. that InvestMan has discussed about hotel standards and license types.
We believe that people often use the term “hotel” when it comes to accommodation. However, sometimes, it might not only be a hotel.
Therefore, InvestMan has gather a collection of terms that describe hotels and accommodations that provide different services so that during the next check-in, we will be able to call the accommodation with captions correctly.


No matter where we are staying, we will get used to the habit of calling any accommodation a “hotel”. However, the actual description of hotel is to provide travelers with daily rental accommodation, meals and other services related to their stay. Multiple bedrooms lined up in one or more buildings. There are various services for the convenience of the customers, which are called “guests”.


Travel trends in this era have changed a lot. More and more people are starting to travel alone. Guesthouse is quite similar to a hotel in terms of service but smaller. Provide room and breakfast only.
Suitable for travelers with limited budget. Taking care by the owner and often shares the facilities with them. Give a warm atmosphere as if you are staying in your own home. However, nowadays the host often builds a separate accommodation for their privacy.

Motel (Inn)

Motels are popular in the United States, especially for those who enjoy traveling by car or road trip. A roadside room which is a standalone building with adjacent rooms along the length of the building and parking in front of each room. Rental rates are usually affordable. At present, attempts have been made to stop using the word motel, with the Roadside Hotel Association by using the term “lodging” instead.


The hostel will feature a bunk bed in a shared bedroom. Most of them are shared bathrooms, no ensuite bathroom with separate male and female bedrooms, located in tourist attractions and the city center. The highlight is that it’s cheap.


The resort is a place for rest or recreation. Guests usually visit this type of accommodation during their vacation. The amenities are similar to hotel.

Boutique Hotel

Boutique is a property that looks beautiful. Try to find its uniqueness to attract customers. Outstanding in creativity in design. In the modern days, the words often twisted into “Stylish Hotel”. However, a boutique hotel is a small hotel that does not have all the functions of a 5-star hotel, which may be granted as a category 1 or 2.

Bed and Breakfast of B&B

It is an accommodation that offers only bed and breakfast service. Private accommodation where landlords share rooms for travelers to rent which is similar to homestay but smaller. Currently, it is often used to classify the room type which is often a compact accommodation with few bedrooms. This type of accommodation may not need to request for a hotel license.


Today, when we travel internationally, we think of the App Airbnb, a personal type of accommodation where homeowners share rooms for travelers to rent. No breakfast. Suitable for long-term rental due to the economical price, it feels like home, and has privacy. It is a personal accommodation service imported into a rental service platform. This does not qualify as a hotel.


It is a cheap accommodation for tourists and travelers. The bungalows do not equip with the amenities or modern luxury compared to hotels. The bungalows focus on nature. Most of them are located in tourist attractions, near the sea, on the hillside, etc.


Large house with swimming pool, elegant design, clearly proportioned, living room, bathroom, recreation room, kitchen, has facilities like a large hotel. Some even provide 24 hour room service.


Large vacation homes or pool villas that are sold out or taken by a central company to manage such as rent them out, release rooms when the landlord is not around. It has all the amenities.

Serviced Apartment

Apartments or condominiums for rent. Most are rented out on a monthly basis. However, the current trend is turning to rent more daily. It is very privacy with full facilities.


Tent accommodation. Popular to stay in where the weather and atmosphere is good such as forests or islands. No facilities, shared bathroom, everything must be prepared by yourself.


Tent accommodation, but luxurious. It is similar to a dome or tent. Beautiful decoration which give the feeling of staying in a hotel. Complete facilities and private bathroom.


Most of this accommodation are in Europe and Japan, while in Thailand there is almost zero. no private rooms, living on the sofa or a crib under the roof of the house. It is suitable for low budget people to the least.


Accommodation that must be shared with the landlord in village life community. There is a shared room or living area in the house. Accommodation converted from temporary. The facilities are adequate. Suitable for people who want to seek a new experience. Travel in depth with local people.


Condotel is a combination of the words Condominium and Hotel. It is another type of condominium that has applied for a hotel business license. Can be rented for both long term and short term. (Daily/Weekly). This requires a license in order to operate as a hotel and must be approved by the majority of the residents, with some floors or the whole building set aside.


It is another word that refers to accommodation which is similar to a motel. The fact that the name is consisting of the word “Lodge” is already told that it is a hotel such as the hotel called “Siam Lodge”, but to be clear that it is a hotel, put it all together as a Siam Lodge Hotel, it might be stacked, but it does not affect anything.

As InvestMan has discussed about license and types of hotel in the previous EP, everyone probably knows that the classification of hotels for a permit is divided into 4 categories. Today, InvestMan is going to give you a brief summary of what accommodation styles should fall within the four categories of hotels.

For hotels in category 1, accommodation with less than 50 rooms which offer only accommodation, no other facilities. Therefore, accommodation that usually fall into this category are Hostel and Motel. However, this may not always be the case since sometimes, we also can find this type of accommodation with more than 50 rooms or perhaps offering a restaurant and other facilities.

For hotels in category 2-4, they are accommodations that do not have a limited number of rooms, but are mostly related to the facilities. For example, the second category of hotel must be accommodation that also provides food and beverage service. On the other hand, category 4 hotels must have full facilities such as restaurants, meeting rooms, seminar rooms, spas, fitness centers and more which accommodation that can meet all these requirements, we will then call it a hotel or resort. When we already know the type of accommodation, we will go into depth about the star rating where the resort or hotel should be categorized into. For example, a category 4 hotels must equipped with all the facilities. Therefore, It is fair to say that only 4 and 5 star hotels are falling into this category.

In addition, there is also another type of accommodation that is not considered a hotel. This is not included in all four categories mentioned earlier. What type of accommodation are they and do they require a license in order to operate? Stay tuned for the next EP “Non-Hotel Accommodations and Business License”. We’ve got you covered with all the interesting things in one place. Interested in consulting and hotel valuation? We are happy to advise.


Link : ห้องพักริมทาง , วิกิพีเดียโรงแรม  , Hotel Glossary , Hostel , สถานพักตากอากาศ , บังกะโล , CouchSurfing, Condotel, ชื่อเรียกที่พักแบบต่างๆ

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