Nakhon Nayok – Saraburi Chalong Rat Highway Extension Project

            Sooner than later, the people living in the south and east of Bangkok will no longer need to take a detour to Wang Noi as a route to the Northeast (I-San) provinces. An extension of the Chalong Rat Highway project is now being considered. Currently, the highway ends at the Eastern Wong Wan Road, which would lead to the north direction all the way to Wang Noi. Travelers will then have to turn right onto Mittraphap Road to reach Saraburi – Northeast route, where traffic gets congested due to the number of buses from the east and from Suvarnabhumi Airport, combining with cars flowing from the north and west. This project should ease the traffic problem once completed, especially during the long holiday season where people tend to get away from the city to visit their families in the countryside. The extension will serve as a short-cut straight to Saraburi for cars from the east.

            The Highway Authority of Thailand is responsible for this project, which has already been approved and is in the process of signing a contract. Work by researchers is gathering pace in which survey and design of the project have already been made. The starting point of the project is at the Chalong Rat Highway at Chatuchote checkpoint, connected to the Eastern Wong Wan Road.

             For the project details, the total distance is approximately 104.7 kilometers, an elevated highway of 6 traffic lanes (3 lanes for each direction), connecting with the Chalong Rat Highway at Chatuchote checkpoint, on the outer Wong Wan Road – East Bangkok (Kanchanaphisek Road). Several major educational departments and institutions stand to benefit from the project including Srinakharinwirot University, Institution of Physical Education, Institute of Nuclear Technology, Chulachomklao Royal Military Academy and industrial estates nearby such as Nong Khae Industrial Estate, Viharn Daeng Industrial Estate and Hemaraj Industrial Estate. In terms of the positive effects on urban communities, expansion of communities nearby namely Ongkharak district and Ban Na District of Nakhon Nayok Province, Nong Khae District, Wihan Daeng District and Kaeng Khoi district of Saraburi Province, are expected due to the transportation convenience. There will be 9 access points of this project;

  • The starting point of the Eastern Wong Wan Road project
  • Hathairat Road intersection, Minburi
  • Lam Luk Ka Road intersection
  • Intersection at Tor Lor 3001 Road
  • Intersection of Rangsit-Nakhon Nayok Road, Tor Lor 305
  • Suwannasorn Road Intersection, Tor Lor 331
  • Number 6 Motorway intersection
  • The intersection of the Saraburi roadways, Tor Lor 362
  • The end of the project at Mitraphab Road, Tor Lor 2

Nakhon Nayok - Saraburi Chalong Rat Highway Extension Project

Credit : Expressway Authority Of Thailand.

          Opportunities for expansion in remote residential communities away from the city are high due to improved transportation convenience. These communities include Ongkharak district, Ban Na district, Nakhon Nayok district, Wihan Daeng district, Nong Khae district, Kaeng Khoi district in Saraburi Province. The urban prosperity around these areas will result in a further rebound in land prices.

          Obviously, the land in the area near all the access points would have directly benefited from this project as they could potentially be utilized at highest and best use. Industrial sector will have its transportation capability improved, while the expansion of nearby communities will only allow and attract investors who seek investment opportunities. Invest:MaN will take you to explore the land prices which will be affected by this project.

          The project will be constructed parallel to the Wang Noi-Korat Motorway which is expected to be completed and ready for use by the year 2022. Meanwhile, the feasibility study has already been done for this project in order to determine the route. Currently, the project is waiting for issuance of a Royal Declaration Decree of Expropriation for State Land Ownership. Construction is expected to begin in the year 2022 and completed by the year 2025, wait a little longer, another 5 years.

           Invest:MaN has identified the 2 most intriguing areas which will appeal to investors who are searching for land with high investment and usage potential where prices will continue to grow, namely the area at Suwannasorn Road Intersection, Tor Lor 331. The area is occupied mainly by industrial estates which still have room for expansion. Moreover, the Kaeng Khoi area will serve as a center of this new project and the high-speed train station which will be the transportation hub in that area. Thus, in 5 years time, investors will have to move quickly to take advantage of the new rising opportunities within the area.

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