Digital platform – the new battleground for real estate developers in the New Normal

Digital platform - the new battleground for real estate developers in the New Normal

With the Covid situation still lingering around making life tougher than it already has. Making a living becomes more and more challenging, no matter what industry or type of business you are in, public or start-up. We all have to adapt to this New Normal era in order to survive. Therefore, today InvestMaN would like to share with our readers the new approaches some of the big time development firms have taken after facing the COVID for two years.

With the trend of buying single-detached houses continued to surge, as a direct consequence of COVID, real estate development groups such as Pruksa Co., Ltd. and SC Asset Co., Ltd. have taken a brand new sales strategy in order to adapt to this COVID era, as consumers use digital channels to search and buy a home. As a result, these development companies have increasingly focused on online sales channels, putting much more effort into online advertisements.

SC Asset Co., Ltd. has introduced the marketing way of viewing property, “Drive-Thru View House SC”, to assure customers of their safety from the risk of infection by avoiding close contact. Social distancing is upheld between customers and project staff who have received two doses of vaccination. In other words, it is a one stop service that is convenient and safe for customers who can visit projects as if it’s in-person visitation through the drive thru style, with assistance of sales staff who provide all the information via VDO call.

Apart from drive thru service, Pruksa Co., Ltd. has turned its focus on the e-commerce frontier, such as providing Facebook Live, taking virtual tours of various projects to help the potential buyers make a preliminary decision before making a personal appointment and visitation. For condominium projects, Pruksa also provides information to customers via LINE for convenience and risk-free. Reservation or purchase transactions can be done through the company official website, along with various promotions and concessions offered to the customers.

However, with the overall poor economic recession since the COVID outbreak, the purchasing decisions become much more difficult and usually take longer times for potential buyers.

Prospec Appraisal is here to provide consultant and appraisal services for land, houses and all types of property. People who are planning on moving to new places better suit the New Normal era, valuation of assets is important and should not be overlooked before buying or selling property.

Credit to news and information sources : กรุงเทพธุรกิจ 955594 , กรุงเทพธุรกิจ 955761

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